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2020 - 10 - 19
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Date: 2014-11-08
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◆ Pre-sale services

(1) When the company detailed performance, use, method of use and the quality of particular products to users.

(2) to provide detailed product brochures to customers, including test reports, product certification.

(3) the company provided service hotline for users to answer a variety of questions about the use of products with problems, hotline 020-82301862.

◆ sale of services

Customer (1) direct cooperation with the company, the company needs to register customer information and fill customer service tracking card.

(2) new users who developed the goods to three days by the marketing customer telephone contact, asking the goods to the acceptance of the situation, including whether the quality of products to meet customer needs, the mode of transport, packing and other customer requirements. If the customer needs, can be done to arrive to the people, to the user site describes how to use the product and technical requirements.

(3) corporate customers at least a month to visit (or phone call) once consulted to resolve issues raised by users.

◆ Service

(1) users to use our products quality problems, customer complaints received a request for a reply within two hours. Serious, service personnel to the scene within 48 hours to solve the problem.

Once (2) Product quality problems arise within the terms of the contract, the company responsible for the refund, replacement, until the customer satisfaction.

All costs of quality problems (3) processing occurs within the terms of the contract, including the loss to the customer shall be borne by the Company. Customer causes excluded.

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