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2013 - 12 - 11
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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes repre...
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Zinc oxide CAS No. : 1314-13-2EINECS NO.: 215-222-5MF : ZnOPurity : 99%Appearance : White, pale yellow powder or six-party crystallization.Nature :1. No smell, bitter taste; can absorb carbon dioxide from the air.2. Poorly soluble in water, soluble in acid and alkali.Quality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsZnO,% ≥9999.79Pb,%≤0.030.029Mn,%≤0.000050.00005Cu,%≤0.00010.0001Loss on ignition,%≤0.010.01Application : 1. Is one of the cement additive, can reduce the curing time of the cement and increase cement waterproof performance. 2. Zinc oxide has the function of deodorant, antibacterial, antiseptic.Packaging : 25kg/ plastic woven bag, 25MT for 20’FCL.
Barium sulfate CAS NO.:  13462-86-7EINECS NO.:  231-784-4 HS Code:   Commonly known as:    Barite Specification:     Appearance:    White powder. Nature:       Odorless and tasteless.Application:Used in medicine. Packaging : 25 kg / bag, packed in kraft paper bag.
Calcium dihydrogen phosphateCAS No. : 7758-23-8EINECS NO.: 231-837-1MF : Ca(H2PO4)2Purity : ≥97%Appearance : White powder and crystal.Nature :1. Its appearance is white or yellow powder , the density is 1000kg/m3 or so.2. Slightly acidity in PH, soluble in thin acid and water , tends to lose its crystal water when heated to degree.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test ResultsTotal phosphorous %≥2222.3Calcium %≥13.019Fluorine %≤0.010.01PH %≥33.01H2O %≤4.03.5Fineness %≥9595.5Arsenic %≤0...
Tartaric acidCAS No. : 133-37-9EINECS NO.: 205-105-7MF : C4H6O6Purity : Monohydrate; AnhydrousAppearance : White powderNature :Colorless or translucent crystal, or white granular, crystalline powder. It is odorless, has an acid taste, and stable in air.Quality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsContent≥99.599.72Arsenic(As)≤0.0002Heavy metal≤0.001Heavy metals≤0.50.41Loss on drying200~206℃203℃Melting Point≤0.100.05Residue on ignition≤0.04Sulphate Pass PassPassPassOxidable matterPassesdPassesdApplication :1. Tartaric acid is widely used as acidulant in beverage and other foods. And it is used as chiral pool to synthesize tartrate derivatives. 2. Tartaric acid is used as cataly...
Calcium chlorideChemical formula: CaCl2Appearance:  White powder, irregular spherical particles, flakes.English name: Calcium chloridCharacteristic:Exposure to the air easily deliquescence. Hygroscopicity is extremely strong.Soluble in water, while releasing a lot of heat. Quality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsCaCl2%≥9595.5Magnesium and alkali metal chlorides (calculated as sodium chloride)%≤32.2Water insoluble matter%≤0.050.02Ca(OH)2%≤0.20.08CaSO4%≤0.10.05Uses:1, food additives.2, food preservatives.3, food desiccant.Packing: 25kg / bag
Calcium hydrogen phosphateCAS No. : 7789-77-7EINECS No. : 231-826-1MF : CaH5O6PPurity : ≥99%Appearance : White monoclinic crystalline powder.Nature:Odorless and tasteless, stable in the air, heated to 75 began to lose crystal water into anhydrous, high temperature is changed to pyrophosphate.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test ResultsAppearanceOn powder formokPhosphorus(P)    %≥17.017.1Citric Acid Soluble Phosphorus(P) %≥14.016.9Calcium(Ca) %≥20.021.0Fluorine(F) %≤0.180.13Arsenic(As) mg/kg≤30.03.9Lead(Pb) mg/kg≤30.010.3Cadmium(Cd) mg/kg≤10.02.2Moisture %≤4.02.4Particle Size (pass 40 mesh) %≥95.097.0Application :1. the auxiliary feed for poultry, can promote the digesti...
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