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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes repre...
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Calcium Carbide  CAS NO.:75-20-7EINECS NO.: 200-848-3 HS Code: 2830101000Commonly known as: Calcium acetyleneAppearance: Gray-black lumpNature: It reacts violently when encountering water, generating acetylene and releasing heat.Quality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsGas yield:295MIN299PH3 %:0.06MAX0.035H2S %:0.1MAX0.048Grain:25/5025/50 Application:1. Used to generate acetylene gas;2. Used in organic synthesis, oxyacetylene welding, etc.Packaging:1、 Net weight 50kg/drum, packed in galvanized iron drum.2、 22.5 ton/FCL.
Potassium tetraoxalateCAS NO:   6100-20-5EINECS NO.: 204-874-6HS Code:  2917009000Commonly known as:  Potassium OxalateAppearance:          Colorless crystal particlesNature:        Soluble in waterQuality index:Analysis of ItemNational standardResults of AnalysisContent (KHC2O4·H2O)% ≥ 95-105%99.8Sulfate% ≤ 0.010.03Insoluble matter% ≤0.0050.006Iron% ≤0.0010.001Chlorine% ≤0.010.002Lead% ≤0.0010.003Application:1. For the production of environmentally friendly coatings and reagents;2. Used for marble, granite polishing, metal polishing, and rust removal.Package:25kg / bag, plastic woven bag.
Potassium dioxalateCAS NO:    127-95-7EINECS NO.:  234-722-4Commonly known as: Potassium hydrogen oxalateAppearance:       Colorless crystal particlesProperties:   Soluble in waterQuality index:Analysis of ItemNational standardResults of AnalysisContent (KHC2O4·H2O)% ≥95-105%99.5Sulfate% ≤ 0.010.03Insoluble matter% ≤ 0.005%0.005Iron% ≤ 0.0010.004Chlorine% ≤ 0.010.002Lead% ≤ 0.0010.002Application:Used in the production of reagents, marble, granite polishing, metal polishing, and rust removal.package:25kg / bag, plastic woven bag.
CAS number: 12069-69-1EINECS NO.:  235-113-6 HS Code:  2836999000    Commonly known as:  MalachiteSpecification:Appearance: Malachite green fine amorphous powderProperties: Stable at room temperature, no waterQuality index:Analysis of ItemNational standardCopper (Cu) ≥55Chlorine (Cl) ≤10Lead (Pb) ≤5Iron (Fe) ≤9Calcium (Ca) ≤10Chromium (Cr) ≤5Sodium (Na) ≤10Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter% ≤0.003Moisture% ≤20Arsenic (As) ≤5Application:1, for catalysts, pesticides, pigments, feed, fungicides;2. Used in electroplating, anti-corrosion industries and manufacturing copper compounds.Package:25kg / bag, plastic woven bag.
Magnesium chlorideCAS:   7786-30-3EINECS NO.:   232-094-6HS Code:   2827310000Commonly known as:   Halogen powderAppearance:   White flakeNature: 1. Easily deliquescent and soluble in water;2. The aqueous solution is neutral.Quality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsMagnesium chloride(as MgCl)%≥4646.2Calcium ion (calculated as Ca2 +)%≤0.010.004Sulfate (based on SO42-)%≤0.140.13Water insoluble matter%≤0.010.005Chroma1515Lead (as Pb) mg / kg≤0.0450.043Arsenic (as As) mg / kg≤0.50.3Ammonium (as NH4 +) mg / kg≤42.340.0Application:1. Disinfectant, fire extinguishing agent, frozen brine, ceramics.2. Used for filling fabrics, paper making, curing agents, nutritional supplements.Packing: 50kg / bag, plastic woven bag.
Bitter CAS:  3734-33-6 EINECS NO.:  223-095-2HS Code:Commonly known as:  Bitter essence Appearance: White powderSpecification: Quality index: Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsAppearancewhite powderconformContent99.5~101%100.1%Metering range163~170 ℃164.0~164.8℃PH value63-737.1Loss on drying,≤1.0%0.1%Residue on ignition,≤0.1%0.05%Chloride,≤0.2%0.3% Application:1. The use of bittering agents in daily necessities and industrial products can prevent the occurrence of poisoning caused by human or animal accidental eating;2. Used for children's toys, decorative items, art paints, etc., to prevent children from chewing toys;3. The best alcohol denaturant.Packing:  25kg / drum, cardboard tube.
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