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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes repre...
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Sodium pentyl xanthate  CAS NO.: 928-70-1EINECS NO.: 213-519-2MF : C5H11OCS2 NaPurity :≥85%Appearance : yellow or light yellow powderNature :1. Soluble in water.2. Yellowish powder ( or particles) with irritant gas.Quality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsAppearanceyellow or light yellow powderyellow or light yellow powderPurity≥85%85.3%Free Alkali≤0.50%0.16%Moisture&Volatile≤10.00%3.60%Application :1. Used as a collector for the flotation of nonferrous metal sulfide minerals and have strong collectivity capacity.2. Suitable for copper-nickel sulphide ores and carated gold iron ore, also the flotation(after being sulfurized by vulcanizer), a good collectors for copper oxi...
Sodium ethyl xanthateChemical formula: C2H5OCSSNa Another name: sodium ethyl xanthate Appearance: light yellow powder English name: Sodium ethyl xanthate Traits: flammable, with irritating odor, low toxicity. Quality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsSodium ethyl xanthate≥8282Free base≥0.60.6Water insoluble matter≤0.20.018Acidity≤0.10.1Use:1, beneficiation dedicated.2, is widely used in flotation of flotation and flotation of complex sulfide ore.3, with the curing agent used, can also be used for copper and lead oxide ore flotation, also used as a hydrometallurgical precipitator and rubber vulcanization accelerator. Packing: 140kg / drum.
Ethyl thiourate Appearance: light yellow to brown oily liquid.English name:Ethyl thiourate Properties:1, light yellow to brown oily liquid, irritating odor.2, slightly soluble in water. Quality Index:Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsExteriorLight yellow to brown oilyPassActive ingredient content (%) ≥ 95.095.02%Isopropyl alcohol (%) ≤2.52.4%Diethyl thiourea (%) ≤1.01.0Water and volatile matter (%) ≤1.01.0use:1, it is copper sulfide, lead, zinc, molybdenum, nickel and other minerals of good collector.2, has a certain foaming performance, suitable for acidic or alkaline pulp.package:Net weight 200 kg / barrel, plastic barrels.
Ammonium nitrateCAS No. : 6484-52-2EINECS NO.: 558-68MF : NH4NO3Purity : ≥99%Appearance : White powderNature :1. White crystal granular, specific gravity 1.73, melting point 169.8 °C.2.When heating it above 190 °C carefully, it would be decomposed to Nitrogen Monoxide and Water.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test ResultsAppearance White porous prillsPurity %≥99.599.6N purity on dry basis≥34.634.8Density % g/cm30.76-0.830.79Free moisture %≤0.30.09Oil absorption %≥714.2Organic Coating ...
Ding Ammonium black medicineCAS No. : 53378-51-1EINECS NO.: 258-508-5MF : (C4H9O)2PSSNH4Purity : 95%Appearance : White to gray powder, flavorless.Nature :  Deliquescence in the air, soluble in waterQuality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsAmmonium dibutyl dithiophosphate content /%≥9596.1Water insoluble matter /%≤0.50.37Application :1. an effective collector for silver, copper, lead and activated zinc sulfide ore. 2. It can also be used in flotation of flotation activated sulfide iron ore, nickel and antimony sulfide ore.3. Have a special sorting effect on copper sulfide, lead sulfide , Nickel sulfide ore and other refractory polymetallic ore.4. Have a special collec...
Sodium diethyl dithiocarbamateCAS No. : 20624-25-3Appearance: white to off-white crystal. English name: Sodium diethyl dithiocarbamate Traits: soluble in water, no irritating odor.  Quality Index: Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsContent%≥ 9495.4free alkali %≥ 0.3%0.3%use:1, ethyl sulfur nitrogen and xanthate, black medicine, compared with more strong ability to catch, flotation speed, dosage and other characteristics of the province. 2, in the sulfide ore flotation and has a good selectivity.  3, in copper, lead, zinc, antimony and other multi-metal sulfide ore flotation, is better than xanthate and black drugs sorting effect. 4, can be used for metal smelting purification, but...
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