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Nitrogen removal agent

Listing date : 2016-05-05
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Nitrogen removal agent
Denitrification dephosphorization agent is for high phosphorus, nitrogen water treatment of new water treatment agent.
1. Ingredients
Denitrifying dephosphorizing agent A complex cationic inorganic macromolecule flocculant with polyhydroxy complex as the core, which strongly complexes the negatively charged phosphate groups, and the hydrolyzate can adsorb a considerable amount of Amount of phosphorus nitrogen compounds.
 2, performance
Under normal circumstances, total phosphorus removal rate of 70%, ammonia removal rate of up to 80%.
 3, use
For nitrogen and phosphorus containing industrial wastewater and urban integrated wastewater denitrification and phosphorus removal.
 4, the use of methods 
A, the product according to the size of the water into the water, diluted with water to 5-10% solution, mixed even after the vote plus, can be added to the secondary settling tank, preferably in the contact oxidation tank.
B, the dosage is depending on the sewage total nitrogen, total phosphorus of the different circumstances, the pharmaceutical consumption is also different. The specific use of glass cups through the small test and production test to determine.
C, dilution of the pharmaceutical should be used within eight hours.
5, security: 

This product is non-dangerous goods, non-toxic harmless, safe and environmentally friendly.

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