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2013 - 12 - 11
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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes repre...
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Sodium Glutamate CAS NO.: 32221-81-1 EINECS NO.: 205-538-1 HS Code: 2103901000Commonly known as: DL-Sodium GlutamateAppearance: White crystal powder Nature:  Soluble in waterQuality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsContent %  ≥98%98.5%Transmittance % ≥89%91.0%Salt % ≤2%1.85%Specific rotation %+24.9。~ 25.3。25.1。PH value %6.7-7.27.0Loss on drying % ≤1.00.2Iron % ≤10ppm10ppmSulfate % ≤         0.50.7Application: Increase the umami taste of food.Packaging:1. 25kg/bag,plastic woven bag.2. 25ton/FCL.
Cosmetic grade thickener HS Code:  3809910000Commonly known as:   gelling agentAppearance:  colorless or light yellow viscous liquid.Specification:  cosmetic grade and food grade.Nature: Substances that increase the viscosity of latex and liquid.Application:1. Used in cosmetic masks to thicken;2. Used in pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, food additives, oil extraction, papermaking.Packaging:25kg/drum, plastic drum
Food grade Acetic acid CAS NO.: 64-19-7 EINECS NO.: 200-580-7HS Code: 2915211100Appearance:  Colorless transparent liquidNature: 1、It can be dissolved in water;2、Is weakly acidic.Quality index:检验项目Item单位Unit标准要求Qualification检测结果Result外观Appearance无色透明液体Clear colorless liquid符合Matched冰乙酸含量Acetic Acid  Glacial Purityω/%≥99.599.87高锰酸钾实验Potassium Permanganate Testmin≥30通过试验蒸发残渣Evaporation Residueω/%≤0.0050.002结晶点Crystallization Point℃≥15.615.8酿造醋酸的比率(天然度)The ratio of acetic acid(natural degree)/%≥9595重金属(以Pb计)Heavy Metal(in Pb)ω/%≤0.00020.0002砷(以As计)Arsenic(in As)ω/%≤0.00010.0001游离矿酸实验Free Mineral Acid Test合格Qualified通过试验色度/(铂-钴色号/Hazen单位)Chromaticity/(Pt-Co Cobalt Scale /Hazen Unit)≤2010 Application:1、Used as acidity regulat...
Sodium bicarbonate CAS No.: 144-55-8 EINECS No.: 205-633-8 MF: NaHCO3Purity: ≥99.8%Appearance: White powder or crystalline powder monoclinic.Nature:1. Odorless, salty taste, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol.2. Aqueous solution was slightly alkaline due to hydrolysis.Quality index:Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test ResultsContent Of NaHCO3≥99.0-100.5%99.66%Loss On Dry≤0.20%0.0667%PH Value≤8.58.23Content Of As≤0.0001%0.0001%Content Of Heavy Metals(Calculate as Pb) ≤0.0005%0.0005%Content Of Ammonium SaltVia TestQualifiedClarityVia TestQualifiedContent Of Chloride≤0.40%0.08%Whiteness≥8587.5AppearanceWhite PowderWhi...
Peanut protein powderHS Code:   3502110000Commonly known as:   Peanut Active Protein PowderAppearance:   Light yellow powderNature: 1、Good water solubility, smell of peanut fragrance;2、Rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Natural nutrients that are low in sugar, low in fat, cholesterol-free, and easy to digest and absorb.Quality index:Test  itemsTest standards(Per 100 grams)Test  results(nutrient reference value)Energy1650 kJ20%Protein54.5g90%Fat5.2g9%Sodium7 mg0%Carbohydrate30.8g10% Application:1. Used for nutrition enhancer to increase protein: bread, cake, steamed bread products processing;2. Used to produce vegetable protein beverages;3. Used for processing meat products.Packaging:25k...
Food grade hydrogen peroxide CAS NO.:  7722-84-1 EINECS NO.:   231-765-0 HS Code:   2847000000Appearance:  Colorless transparent liquidNature: 1、It can be dissolved in water;2、Is weakly acidic.Quality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsAppearance and smellColorless transparent liquid with a slightly pungent odormeets thehydrogen peroxide ,% ≥35.035.8stability ,% ≥98.098.5Non-volatile matter ,% ≤0.00600.0009Acidity in H2SO4 ,% ≤0.020.005Phosphate in PO4 ,% ≤0.00500.0012 Sn ,% ≤0.00100.0003 Fe ,% ≤0.00005not detectedPb ,% ≤0.00040.00007As ,% ≤0.0001not detectedTotal organic carbon TOC ,% ≤0.00800.0020Application:1. Used as acidity regulator, acidulant, pick...
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