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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes repre...
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Sodium humateCAS NO.: 68131-04-4EINECS NO.:  268-608-0HS Code:  2916190090Commonly known as:  HUMIC ACIDAppearance:   Black amorphous particles   Nature: 1. Very soluble in water;2. Non-toxic, odorless and non-corrosive.Quality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsSodium humate (dry basis) content55-60%59.3Moisture % ≤1513.5Performance % ≥8588.6Iron content % ≤0.80.53Water insoluble matter % ≤100.9PH value ≤9-1110.8Mesh-80-120Application:1. As a compound fertilizer in agriculture, it has the effect of preventing disease, increasing disease and increasing yield of crops;2. Used as feed additive in poultry and livestock breeding, and as a synergist in aquaculture;3. Or...
Cobalt chlorideCAS NO.:  7646-79-9HS Code:   2827393000Appearance:   pink to red crystals.  Nature: soluble in water, slightly deliquescent.Quality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsCobalt% ≥24.224.3Nickel% ≤0.0020.003Iron% ≤0.0020.003Magnesium% ≤0.0020.002Calcium% ≤0.0020.004Manganese% ≤0.0020.002Zinc% ≤0.0020.003Sodium% ≤0.0020.002Copper% ≤0.0020.002Cadmium% ≤0.0010.001Application:1. Used to produce barometer, specific gravity meter, dry and wet indicator;2. Used in the production of colorants for the production of ceramics;3. Used in the production of paint drier, hidden ink, cobalt chloride test paper, ammonia absorbent.Packaging: 25kg / drum, packed in iron drum.
Sodium hypochlorite Chemical formula: NaClOAlias: bleach, sodium hypochlorite solutionEnglish name: Sodium hypochloriteAppearance: light yellow liquid.Properties: smell of chlorine.CAS Number: 7681-52-9Use:   1. Used to purify drinking water;   2. Used in sterilization indoor and outdoor places;   3. Used for pulp and textile bleaching.Package:        1. 25kg / drum or tank truck;        2. IBC tons barrel packaging.
Sodium persulfateCAS No. : 7775-27-1EINECS No. : 231-892-1MF : Na2O8S2Purity : ≥99%Appearance : White crystalline powderNature :  White crystalline powder; can gradually decompose, moisture and high temperature can accelerate the decomposition; can be ethanol and silver ions decomposition; oxidative, irritating.Quality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsSodium persulfate content %≥98.599ROS %≥6.66.65Ammonium (NH4) /%≤0.060.055Chloride and chlorate ( CI) /%≤0.0020.001Mn%≤0.00020.0001Fe%≤0.0020.001Heavy metal (Pb) %≤0.0020.001Moisture %≤0.0450.045Application :1. Metal treatment: for metal surface cleaning and pickling.2. Textiles: Desizing agents and bleaches - espe...
Ethyl thiourate Appearance: light yellow to brown oily liquid.English name:Ethyl thiourate Properties:1, light yellow to brown oily liquid, irritating odor.2, slightly soluble in water. Quality Index:Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsExteriorLight yellow to brown oilyPassActive ingredient content (%) ≥ 95.095.02%Isopropyl alcohol (%) ≤2.52.4%Diethyl thiourea (%) ≤1.01.0Water and volatile matter (%) ≤1.01.0use:1, it is copper sulfide, lead, zinc, molybdenum, nickel and other minerals of good collector.2, has a certain foaming performance, suitable for acidic or alkaline pulp.package:Net weight 200 kg / barrel, plastic barrels.
Ammonium nitrateCAS No. : 6484-52-2EINECS NO.: 558-68MF : NH4NO3Purity : ≥99%Appearance : White powderNature :1. White crystal granular, specific gravity 1.73, melting point 169.8 °C.2.When heating it above 190 °C carefully, it would be decomposed to Nitrogen Monoxide and Water.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test ResultsAppearance White porous prillsPurity %≥99.599.6N purity on dry basis≥34.634.8Density % g/cm30.76-0.830.79Free moisture %≤0.30.09Oil absorption %≥714.2Organic Coating ...
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