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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes repre...
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polyaluminum ferric chlorideCAS No. : 1327-41-9EINECS NO.: 215-477-2Purity : ≥29% Appearance : Brown, reddish-brown powderNature :1, the product is soluble in water.2, at room temperature, the chemical nature of stability, long storage does not degenerate, solid particles easy to absorb moisture, but not bad, non-toxic, harmless.3, to adapt to water pH range, PH4-14, but the best treatment range of 6-8.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test ResultsPH value (1% aqueous solution)4.0-5.04.6Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3 ) content%2929.5Ferric oxide (Fe2O3 ) content%3-54.3Yanji degrees%60-9586Water Burong objects mg/L ≤1.00.47Arsenic (As) mg/L ≤0.00030.0002Manganese (Mn) mg/L ≤0.00750.005Lead (Pb) mg/L ≤0.00...
Zinc oxide CAS No. : 1314-13-2EINECS NO.: 215-222-5MF : ZnOPurity : 99%Appearance : White, pale yellow powder or six-party crystallization.Nature :1. No smell, bitter taste; can absorb carbon dioxide from the air.2. Poorly soluble in water, soluble in acid and alkali.Quality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsZnO,% ≥9999.79Pb,%≤0.030.029Mn,%≤0.000050.00005Cu,%≤0.00010.0001Loss on ignition,%≤0.010.01Application : 1. Is one of the cement additive, can reduce the curing time of the cement and increase cement waterproof performance. 2. Zinc oxide has the function of deodorant, antibacterial, antiseptic.Packaging : 25kg/ plastic woven bag, 25MT for 20’FCL.
Barium sulfate CAS NO.:  13462-86-7EINECS NO.:  231-784-4 HS Code:   Commonly known as:    Barite Specification:     Appearance:    White powder. Nature:       Odorless and tasteless.Application:Used in medicine. Packaging : 25 kg / bag, packed in kraft paper bag.
Cobalt powder  CAS NO.:    7440-48-4HS Code:    8105209010Appearance:     Gray irregular powderNature: 1 . Soluble in acid and magnetic;2. It is easily oxidized in humid air.Quality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsCo*%≥99.999.97C %≤0.050.017O %≤0.70.32Ni %≤0.0050.0017Cu %≤0.0050.0005Zn %≤0.0030.0005Pb %≤0.0030.0010Fe %≤0.0050.0022Ca %≤0.0050.0015Cd %≤0.0060.0005Na %≤0.0050.0011Si %≤0.0080.0015Mg %≤0.0040.0005Mn %≤0.0050.0005Al %≤0.0080.0015S %≤0.0050.0009(*)Co(%)=100%-(Ni+Cu+Zn+Pb+Fe+Ca+Na+Cd+Si+Mn+Al+C+S)Application:Widely used in aviation, aerospace, electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, chemical and ceramic industries.Packaging:25kg / drum, packed in iron drum.
Chlorine dioxideEnglish name: Chlorine DioxideAppearance: white or light yellow particlesCAS: 10049-04-4Characters:      It has a pungent odor, is easily soluble in water, and easily absorbs moisture.Features:      Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, highly effective in sterilization and disinfection, and continuous.Use:   1. Applied to sterilization and disinfection in public places such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc .;   2. Remove formaldehyde smell after decoration;   3. Fresh-keeping treatment of fruits, vegetables and poultry eggs;   4. Sterilization of drinking water. Package:      20kg / carton, carton packaging.
Calcium dihydrogen phosphateCAS No. : 7758-23-8EINECS NO.: 231-837-1MF : Ca(H2PO4)2Purity : ≥97%Appearance : White powder and crystal.Nature :1. Its appearance is white or yellow powder , the density is 1000kg/m3 or so.2. Slightly acidity in PH, soluble in thin acid and water , tends to lose its crystal water when heated to degree.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test ResultsTotal phosphorous %≥2222.3Calcium %≥13.019Fluorine %≤0.010.01PH %≥33.01H2O %≤4.03.5Fineness %≥9595.5Arsenic %≤0...
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