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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes repre...
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Nickel sulfateCAS No. : 7786-81-4EINECS NO.: 232-104-9MF : NiSO4Purity : ≥98%Appearance : Green crystallineNature :1. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, methanol.2. Deliquescent.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test ResultsNiSO4·6H2O,%,≥9898.15Water-insoluble,%,≤0.010.01Pb,%,≤0.0050.0002Ca,%,≤0.10.002Na,%,≤0.050.002Co,%,≥0.050.0001Fe,%,≥0.0050.001Cu,%,≥0.0050.001Application :1. Used in electroplating industry, can dissociate nickel ions and sulfate ions in the electroplating process.2. Used for dyeing industrial for complexing agent and mordant.Packaging :1. 25kg/bag, Plastic woven bag,
Sodium perborateCAS NO.:  10486-00-7 EINECS NO.: 239-172-9 HS Code:   2840300000Commonly known as:   Sodium peroxyborate Appearance:   White monoclinic crystal particles or powderNature:    1. Slightly soluble in water;2. the solution is alkaline.Quality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsAppearanceWhite, freely flowing granulepassAvailable Oxygen , %≥15.115.28PH9.9~10.910.2Ferric , %≤ 0.0015 0.00062Bulk Density , g/L500~640602Wet Stability , %≥8291.2Application:1. Used as bleaching agent, bactericide, deodorant and detergent;2. The use of disinfectants and bactericides in medicine can also be mixed with mordants.Packaging:25kg/BAG
polyacrylamide  CAS No. : 9003-05-8EINECS No. : 201-173-7MF : (C3H5NO)nPurity : ≥100%Appearance : Transparent crystal small particles.Nature :Easy to absorb water, soluble in water, but also soluble in acetic acid, ethylene glycol, glycerol and amines and other organic solvents.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test ResultsAppearanceWhite or yellowish particlesWhiteMolecular weight,million,≥1.81.850Degree of hydrolysis,%,≥2525.2Solid content,%,≥8891PH Value4-97.5Dissolution time ,≤6030Application :1. Flocculation, reducing resistance, thickening, shear, dispersion and other properties.2. Widely used in oil extraction, mineral processing, coal washing, metallurgy, che...
Sodium sulfate CAS No. : 7757-82-6EINECS NO.: 231-820-9MF : Na2SO4Purity : ≥99%Appearance : White monoclinic crystal or powder.Nature :1. Soluble in water,aqueous solution appears alkaline.2. Hygroscopicity.Quality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsNaSO4,%≥99.099.8Water-insoluble,%≤0.050.01Total of Ca,Mg,%≤0.150.02Cl,%≤0.350.15Fe,%≤0.0020.001Water,%≤0.200.10Whiteness,%≥8295Application :1. The main raw material for production of sodium sulfide, sodium silicate,and other chemical products.2. As filler for synthetic detergent.Packaging :1. 25kg/bag, Plastic woven bag, 2. 27MT/20’FCL.
Calcium hydroxide CAS No. : 1305-62-0EINECS NO.: 215-137-3MF : Ca(OH)2Purity : ≥80% Appearance : White powderNature :Slightly soluble in water, corrosion resistance, moisture absorption is strong, the solution has astringency.Quality index :Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsCa(OH)2,%≥8081.1Sieving rate,%100 mesh≥9696.5100 mesh≥9696.3The undigested calcium oxide,%10-1110.6Application : 1. Sewage treatment, neutralize the acid, pure water filtration purification. 2. Agriculture: preparation of bordeaux mixture as a pesticide;change the acid and alkaline soil.3. Industry: production of sodium hydroxide, bleaching powder, etc.Packaging :1. 25kg/bag.2. Plastic woven bag.3. 25ton/...
Soda ashCAS No.: 497-19-8EINECS No.:207-838-8MF: Na2CO3Purity: ≥99%Classification: CarbonateAppearance: White crystalline powder Nature:1. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in anhydrous ethanol.2. Not soluble in propanol, is a kind of weak base salt.Specification:Test ItemsUnit Of MeasureLab Test ResultsTotal alkali content,(dry basis of NaCO3 of mass fraction)≥99.2%≥99.54%Total alkali content,(wet base NaCO3 of mass fraction)≥97.9%≥99.38%Sodium chloride(NaCl,dry basis of the mass fraction)≤0.70%≤0.47%Iron(Fe),mass fraction(dry basis)≤0.0035%≤0.0012%Water insoluble matter,content≤0.03≤0.014%PbAsApplication:  Used in photography, pharmaceuticals,glass, metallurgy, petrochemical, textile,Synthetic fiber, paper, chemicals, solvents, synthetic dete...
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