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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes repre...
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Ethyl AlcoholChemical formula: C2H6OAppearance: Colorless transparent liquid.Alias: EthanolChinese name: EthanolSpecifications: Food grade, medical grade, industrial gradeCAS number: 64-17-5Characters: 1. flammable; 2. Volatile; 3. It has a special fragrance and is slightly irritating.Use: 1. The use of disinfectants in medicine for sterilization; 2. Production of cosmetics, fragrances and detergents; 3. Used in the food industry.Package: 25 kg / barrel, plastic barrel or 1000 kg / IBC barrel.
Calcium HypochloriteCAS No. : 7778-54-3 EINECS No. : 231-908-7 MF : Ca(ClO)2Purity : ≥70%Appearance : White powderNature :1. Have very strong sterilization, disinfection, purification and bleaching. 2. Has a strong chlorine odor. Corrosive and strong oxidizing.Soluble in cold water.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test Resultsavailable chlorine≥70%70.2%particle size≥90%90.1%Water5.5-10%7.5%Application :1. Mainly used for cotton fabric, linen fabric, such as pulp bleaching. 2. Use its sterilizing effect is widely used in drinking water, swimming poo...
Isopropanol Chemical formula: C3H8OAbbreviation: IPAAlias: dimethyl methanol, 2-propanolAppearance: colorless transparent liquidEnglish name: IsoPropyl AlcoholCAS Number: 67-63-0Molecular formula: C3H8OCharacters: Ethanol smell, flammable, soluble in water use: 1. Used for disinfection: coagulation of protein, causing the death of microorganisms and eliminating bacterial propagules; 2. Used to produce acetone, hydrogen peroxide, methyl isobutyl ketone, isopropylamine and other products; 3. Used in the production of paints, inks, fixing agents in the printing and dyeing industry, anti-fogging agents for transparent plastics, etc. 4. Used in cleaning and degreasing agent in the electronics industry. package: (1). 18.5MT / ISO TAN (2). ...
Sodium chlorateCAS No. : 7775-09-9EINECS NO.: 231-887-4MF : NaClO3Purity : ≥99%Appearance : A colorless or white cubic crystalNature :1. Room temperature is colorless crystal or white particles, no smell.2. There are strong oxidizing, and organic matter, reducing material friction or collision can cause fire or explosion.Quality index :Test itemsUnit of MeasureLab Test Resultssodium chlorate (dry basis), %≥99.599.57Water ,%≤0.300.28Water insolubles, %≤0.010.0083chloride (Cl) ,%≤0.150.142Sulfate (SO4) ,%≤0.010.009Chromate (in CrO4) content ,%≤0.010.0089iron (Fe) ,%≤0.0050.0037Application :1. Used for disinfection, gene...
Hydrogen peroxideChemical formula:  H2O2English name: Hydrogen PeroxideCAS: 7722-84-1HS: 28470000.00Appearance: colorless transparent liquid.Properties: soluble in water.Effect:    1. The pharmaceutical industry is used as a bactericide, disinfectant, and an oxidant for the production of Fumex double insecticide and 40l antibacterial agent;    2. Used as a bleaching agent for cotton fabrics in the printing and dyeing industry;    3. The chemical industry is used as a raw material for the production of sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate, peroxyacetic acid, sodium chlorite, thiourea peroxide, etc., as an oxidant for tartaric acid, vitamins, etc.Package:    1. 25kg / barrel, 23.8 tons in one cabinet...
Sodium percarbonate CAS NO.: 15630-89-4EINECS NO.: 239-707-6 HS Code: 2836200000Commonly known as: SPCAppearance: White crystal or crystalline powderNature: Oxygen can be released in case of tide.Quality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsActive Oxygen(O)  ≥13.0%13.32%Ferric  ≤0.0015 %0.0009%Moisture  ≤2.0 %0.4%Bulk Density g/l900-12001020PH value(3% Liquor,20℃)10.0~~11.010.46Stability % ≥9095.72% Application:1. Used as rinsing agent, reducing color developing agent, washing powder auxiliary in the textile industry, playing a bleaching role;2. Used for disinfection and sterilization agent, deodorant;3. Used in aquaculture to increase oxygen.Packaging:25kg/bag,plastic woven bag.
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