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Chinese New Chemical Materials Electronics Industry Alliance, the second session of the Council held last week in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. The participating enterprises and research institutes repre...
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Sodium percarbonate CAS NO.: 15630-89-4EINECS NO.: 239-707-6 HS Code: 2836200000Commonly known as: SPCAppearance: White crystal or crystalline powderNature: Oxygen can be released in case of tide.Quality index:Test itemsTest standardsTest resultsActive Oxygen(O)  ≥13.0%13.32%Ferric  ≤0.0015 %0.0009%Moisture  ≤2.0 %0.4%Bulk Density g/l900-12001020PH value(3% Liquor,20℃)10.0~~11.010.46Stability % ≥9095.72% Application:1. Used as rinsing agent, reducing color developing agent, washing powder auxiliary in the textile industry, playing a bleaching role;2. Used for disinfection and sterilization agent, deodorant;3. Used in aquaculture to increase oxygen.Packaging:25kg/bag,plastic woven bag.
Sodium hypochlorite Chemical formula: NaClOAlias: bleach, sodium hypochlorite solutionEnglish name: Sodium hypochloriteAppearance: light yellow liquid.Properties: smell of chlorine.CAS Number: 7681-52-9Use:   1. Used to purify drinking water;   2. Used in sterilization indoor and outdoor places;   3. Used for pulp and textile bleaching.Package:        1. 25kg / drum or tank truck;        2. IBC tons barrel packaging.
Chlorine dioxideEnglish name: Chlorine DioxideAppearance: white or light yellow particlesCAS: 10049-04-4Characters:      It has a pungent odor, is easily soluble in water, and easily absorbs moisture.Features:      Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, highly effective in sterilization and disinfection, and continuous.Use:   1. Applied to sterilization and disinfection in public places such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc .;   2. Remove formaldehyde smell after decoration;   3. Fresh-keeping treatment of fruits, vegetables and poultry eggs;   4. Sterilization of drinking water. Package:      20kg / carton, carton packaging.
GlutaraldehydeAlias: GumaldehydeCAS Number: 111-30-8Appearance: colorless or slightly yellow transparent oily liquid with slight pungent odor.English name: Glutaric dialdehydeCharacteristic:       Soluble in hot water, flammable and irritating.Quality Standard: Project indicatorsAppearance colorless to yellowish transparent liquidGlutaraldehyde mass fraction,% 50.0-51.3PH value range 3.1-4.2Chromaticity, Hazen ≤50Density ρ20 ℃, g / mL 1.127-1.133Methanol,% ≤0.5Use:   1. Used for disinfection of medical equipment;   2. Used in tanning agents, wood preservatives, etc.Packing: 200 kg / drum, plastic drum.Storage:     The warehouse is ventilated at low temperature and dry, and stored separately from oxidants and food additiv...
Sodium chlorite Chemical formula:   NaClO2English name:   Sodium Chlorite CAS NO:   7758-19-2Appearance: solid: white crystal or crystalline powder; Liquid: white or slightly yellowish green aqueous solution. Properties: Strong oxidant, easily soluble in water.Quality Index:(liquid)Project name Standard valueActual valueSodium chlorite ≥30  31.2Sodium chlorate ≤0.7   0.63Sodium chloride ≤8.8  7.9Sodium hydroxide ≤0.3  0.23Sodium carbonate ≤0.4  0.38Sodium sulfate ≤0.5  0.46Sodium nitrate ≤0.09  0.087Arsenic ≤0.0002  0.00019 Note: The impurity content of solid and liquid sodium chlorite is based on 80% sodium chlorite.use: ...
N-propanolChemical formula :   CH3CH2CH2OH(C3H7OH)Abbreviation :  NPA Alias :  1-propanol, propanolAppearance :  colorless transparent liquid.English name :  N-propanolCAS Number :  71-23-8Characters :Ethanol smell, flammable, soluble in water.  Test Report :Test items Testing standards Test resultsPurity m% ≥          99.50       99.6%Water content m% ≤          0.10       0.11Chromaticity (Po-Co color number) ≤          10.00       9.8Acid content (as acetic acid)% ≤          0.003      0.004Use:    1. Use as a disinfectan...
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